Saturday, May 11, 2013

Before, During, After

  It's Amber.  An online message board that I'm part of had kind of a "challenge" to post a picture of you in the morning, right when you got up and compare it to your "ready" self.  I thought it was kind of interesting, so you're in luck.  I'm sharing the pictures here too.  I have some pretty awesome bedhead going on, but really, this isn't bad for 7am.

This is me mid-getting ready.  I've combed my hair(I wash it every other day, this was an other day.) and gotten dressed.  But looking at this picture, it's better than I think I look sans make-up.  Although, I'm realized this sweater doesn't fit me very well.

Freshly make-uped and hair straightened.

Just for kicks, here's the side by side comparison.  This is making me feel confident in my choice to sleep and extra 10 minutes at Camp and going to breakfast with just fresh clothes and a ponytail.

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