Sunday, February 24, 2013

Easter Outfits

Now, I should probably wait until Easter to "unveil" their new duds, but I'm too excited.  I had an outfit planned for Teddy for Easter that I was super-excited about.  But all of a sudden last week I was starting to rethink myself.  Was it too dark for a happy spring holiday?  What if it was crazy hot like it would have been last year?  And, I kind of really wanted to sew another pair of longalls since it's probably his last Easter for them.

So, like any person would do, I made a poll on facebook!  At first it seemed like his bow tie outfit would win, but in the end there was a lot of support for longalls.  I went to the fabric store that night and the very next day I finished them!

I love the anchor buttons.  I thought about lining them in navy, but I decided to match the blue to the flowers in Tillie's dress.  There's only so long that they'll let me do this!  The aqua is a linen blend and the royal is Kona cotton.  I made the 18m size and they're a little big.  Maybe Teddy will have a growth spurt this month? (fingers crossed.)

Tillie's dress was my dress when I was little.  Even better?  My mom made it for me!  I love that both kiddos will be wearing hand-made items this Easter.

Here's the proof that it was mine.  Here I am with my brother, Philip.  I know there are better pictures of the dress, but I couldn't find them yesterday.  If you look closely you can see my baby ring as a necklace.  Hopefully I'll remember to do that with Tillie's.  I gave her a blue ribbon sash instead of red so it would coordinated with Teddy better.  She's going to wear a red cardigan though.

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