Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Pins I tried in 2012

1. One Pot Pasta from Martha Stewart
- I think this is my favorite recipe I've made off Pinterest this year.  It's in the rotation and we probably have it 2-3 times a month.  It's super-easy.  Today I made it and since I didn't have garlic I just used garlic powder.  My suggestion is to add more spices/etc. than you think you need the first time you make it.  I never measure anything.  It's hard to mess up and since it uses just one pot there's hardly any dishes.  Win-win.  Tim and I both like it.  Teddy eats the pasta and Tillie eats the broccoli if I take it out before adding the cheese/spices/lemon.

2. BBQ Potatoes from Kayotic Kitchen
- I need to try this again using less chicken stock and smaller potatoes.  Mine didn't cook thoroughly after baking for over an hour and the bottoms didn't get crispy.  A friend suggested using less stock and a metal pan, so I think I might give it one more go.  The picture from the pin looks so good!

3. Apple Cider Doughnut/Muffins from Feastie
-Not too surprisingly, these are Tillie's favorite.  We made them for her treat for school and Tim took them to school for snack once too.  I made mine using mini-muffin cups and only cinnamon sugared the tops.  They're pretty easy too.

4. No Bake Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Treats from Martha Stewart
-  These are amazing.  I will not be making them again anytime soon because they are a million calories.  I liked them better than anyone else in the family.

5. Birthday Questionnaire  from Reaves, party of four
-I pinned this before Tillie's birthday and actually remembered to do it!  Hopefully I'll be able to continue this tradition with all the kids.

6. Fancy Braids from Your Stylist AJ
- This one popped up right before trick or treating and seemed like the perfect hairstyle for my "fancy lady".  It was easy and I'm sure I'll do it again, especially in the heat of summer.  I might even try it on my hair when it grows a little more.

7. Princess Braids from A Cup of Jo
- I just posted about this one this week.  I'm totally going to try this again when her hair grows a bit more.  She loved it and it staying in all day, even when running around at a Christmas party.

8. Train Board from Young House Love
- You saw the video of Ted "opening" this one.  It was actually pretty easy to do.  We(Tim) had a lot of fun with it.  We're still planning on putting a layer of felt on the bottom of it so that it doesn't scratch the wood floors in our house.  We store it under Tillie's bed when it's not being played with.  We don't have room for a train table, so it was perfect.

9. Cinnamon Applesauce Ornaments from Katy Elliot
- Tillie and I made these for the neighbors and family, but we only ended giving any away to the neighbors who brought us treats and cousin Julie.  They were super-easy and Tillie really did help.  We made hearts, stars and two hedgehogs.  Tillie kept one 'hedgie' and gave the other to Julie.

10. Sweet Acorns from Gracious Rain
- This was actually one of the first things I pinned back in the beginning days of Pinterest.  I finally made them for Thanksgiving this year and Tillie still asks for them.  We had them on Thanksgiving and she ate one more on Black Friday.  They leave a big impression.

11. Lace Crown Tutorial from Joyfolie
- This crown was beautiful when made, but it's really more of a photo prop.  One of ours fell apart after too much play and the other has lost it's shape.  I maybe needed to use more mod podge, but I was impatient.  Or, maybe it's really just a photo prop.  I love the pictures I have, so I say it was worth it.  I could probably re-hot glue the one together and reshape them both on a bucket if I wanted more pictures.

12. Book Sling from Penny Carnival
- This was so easy to make. I don't know why I didn't do it sooner. (Actually I do.  His name is Teddy.)  Tillie loves it and it adds a nice pop of pattern to her room.

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Cara said...

I'm hoping the book sling can be one of my first projects once I figure out my sewing machine!