Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Goodwill Finds

Today we went to a garage sale that I found on craigslist.  It didn't list any brands or things I usually look for, but I was in the mood to get out and didn't want to just go to Meijer's.  Well, the garage sale was a bust.  Seriously, it was a multiple family sale, but they all must suck at laundry.  There were stains on everything.  And no, a Gap shirt isn't worth $3 when there are stains on it.  I was still in a thrift shopping mood, so we headed over to Goodwill.

I found an ArtPrize t-shirt and Carter's pajamas for Tillie and I found a Zutano cardigan for Teddy.  Then I started looking at the dresses.  Something bright and colorful caught my eye.  There were 4 vintage Lilly Pulitzer dresses.  $1.99 each, sizes 4 and 5.  Oh my word, they're the cutest, retro-est, awesomest ever.  Even Tillie said yes to them.

Some of them need a little work -- the yellow bears need a little stitching in the waistband and the green cats need some work on the hem.  The pink/orange floral had some discoloration to the lace at the waist, but I'm hopeful that the sun will lighten it.

The elastic needs to be replaced on a lot of them too.  My guess is that they're from the early 70s.  I got Tillie to try on the two size 4s.  Man, dresses were shorter then!  They're going to be crazy short when she wears them next year.

I have been LOVING Goodwill lately.  Have you thrifted anything good lately?


Cara said...

Seriously. Which goodwill do you go to?! I have NEVER found anything worth buying at goodwill!

Amber Lynn said...

These were from the one by Woodland. Usually I go to 52nd & Division and during the summer Rockford. The Jenison Goodwill is crap. I will say that the one by Woodland is more expensive than Kentwood.

I've heard the new on in Cascade is nice, but I went there this week and found nothing. My friend Laura(the one from high school) has good luck at the Alpine and Standale ones. I've never been there.

Hope said...

Those are great dresses!