Thursday, August 9, 2012

Window Shopping Day Dreams

I'm not buying the kids things right now because they don't need anything.  That doesn't mean I stop looking online or at the stores.  I really want this outfit for Teddy for fall/winter.  I just love the hat on that seagull and the golden cords.  I'd take him to the beach this winter for pictures.

(Ack!  Now that I went to look for a shoe match I want it all even more.  AND the Livie and Luca shoes!)

Tillie needs even less clothes than Teddy, but I couldn't leave her out of this make-believe shopping trip.  I love this polka dot sweater.  She already has this denim skirt!   The striped socks are just too fun when mixed with the large dots.

In a fun twist, I like Teddy's outfit better than Tillie's!  That doesn't usually happen for me.

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