Wednesday, August 8, 2012


So, I jumped on the weight loss app bandwagon that's so trendy right now.  I've been using LoseIt! for about a month.  Tim started using it last November and was so successful that I've been buying new clothes for him since April to replace all his too big clothes.

See how good he looks?
That's a size large polo that really needs to be replaced.  It will still be fine for school though.  The pants have since been replaced.  Thankfully the polo wasn't tucked in to see how ridiculously they were cinched at the top.

I'd been slowly losing weight since having Teddy, but Camp pretty much put a stop to that.  It was hot, I had little control of the food I was eating and I was born in the afternoon when Tillie and Teddy were napping and Tim was out with Campers.  I actually gained 5 lbs while we were there.  So, on July 12th I signed up for LoseIt!  (Yes, the exclamation point is part of the app name.  It's lame, but whatever.)

Since then I've lost 8lbs!  I'm still breastfeeding Teddy so I add 100 calories each day in the exercise tab.  I think I could add a little more for that because I "told" the app I'd like to lose 1lb a week so that I don't affect my supply.  I never took any "before" pictures, but I think you can see a difference in these two pictures.  And, it's not just my pose in the August picture. (Although, that certainly helps.)

I'm just posting this here to hold myself accountable.  If everyone knows I'm trying to do this it will keep me more motivated.  There's some designer denim in the attic that I would love to fit in again!  My current goal is to lose 35lbs and LoseIt! predicts I'll get there next Feb with my 1lbs loss a week goal.  We'll see what happens!


Toby and Laura said...

I've been doing Weight Watchers and I lost 15 lbs! My membership ends soon, though, so maybe I should try LoseIt!

Amber Lynn said...

You can do the app on iPod/iPhone, but I generally just do it through internet browser.

And, that's awesome!