Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Setting Up a Photograph

I found Teddy an adorable red and white striped one-piece for a great price at Gap last week.  I knew immediately that I wanted pictures at the beach in it.

I looked through all of Tillie's clothes looking for the perfect outfit for her to wear with him.  Nothing seemed right.  Then I remembered a vintage dress I had bought for her when she was one.  It was size 12-18 months, but ran really wide.  After a quick trip to the attic to find the appropriate bin and last year's denim bermuda shorts I had the perfect outfit.

I also had Philip's super-sweet camera.  I didn't really have it on the right settings, but I'm still happy with what I ended up with.  I brought an estate sale baby blanket(my favorite photo prop), our new red pail from the Land of Nod outlet, and two shovels.  Tim and I threw the two kids on the blanket and started shooting.

I mean, really.  Does it get much better than this?

I'm guessing it does, because this is what Tillie was doing the entire time we were on the beach.
Photographs can be deceiving.

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