Saturday, May 19, 2012

Recent Garage Sale Finds

It's no secret that I adore garage sales.  I've had quite a few awesome finds over the last two days.  Here are the non-kid clothing highlights.

Kidkraft Brighton Chair, like new condition, $7
- I actually looked at this very chair for Tillie for Christmas.  I did find a place online selling them for $19.95, but shipping was $12.50.  The woman said they bought it for her daughter's desk but they never used it.

Salt Water Surfer Sandals, size 10, great used condition, $2.50
- I incorrectly predicted that Tillie would wear size 8 this summer.  I tried to find a used pair in size 7 for a couple months before I gave up this week and ordered her new ones from Zappos.  She now has pairs waiting for her in 8,9,10, & 11.  I won't be caught like this again!  These are some of my favorite sandals.  They go with everything, are very durable, and are waterproof.  I actually have a red pair ordered for me.  They'll arrive on Monday and I cannot wait.

Random Men's T-shirt, size medium, used condition, 50¢
- Tim needs some "new" t-shirts to wear at Camp this summer as all his old ones are too big.  I've been popping into Goodwills and garage sales looking for funny shirts for him to wear.  This one fits the bill and was the perfect price.  (Also, I'm looking for khaki cargo shorts(not too long) in size 32.  If anyone has any they're looking to sell, let me know!  They're eluding me at sales.)

Emilie Sloan Sarah Satchel, new without tags, $3
- I've been thinking about getting a new purse, but didn't really want to pay for one when I have others at home that will work.  I'd never heard of this brand, but it seems nice.  There are a ton of pockets and the top zips.  Plus it's made of coated(wipe-able!) canvas.  Hello perfect mom purse!

Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon, Play Condition, $5.
- Tillie actually picked this one out at a garage sale.  When I saw the price tag I couldn't resist.  When we got home she immediately asked to give Teddy a ride.

Have you found anything awesome lately?

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