Friday, February 17, 2012

Three-School (Tres-Escuela?)

It wasn't that long ago that someone asked me what we were doing for Pre-School for Tillie.  I'm pretty sure I replied, "Huh?  She's only 2."  I really didn't think she was ready for school of any kind.  Then January happened.  All of a sudden Tillie was pointing out every letter and number she saw, correctly.  Sometimes she even told me the sound they make.

Today we went on visit to Grandville Christian.  It's the school that Tim went to growing up.  A lot of my cousins went there too.  The assistant principal lived in my dorm.  The principal knew my grandpa.  (Okay, that one's not really fair, everyone knew my grandpa.  Although, it's fun to be Don's granddaughter still.  He died when I was in 8th grade.)  With all those little connections, it's not as scary to send my 3-year old there two mornings a week.

And, we're doing Spanish Immersion.  I love going to Kizie's school and seeing the kids just chattering away in Spanish.  These early years are such a great time for language development.  I really wish I had learned more Spanish than I did.  I'm so glad that this is an option we have for her.

When did you start your kids in school?

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Unknown said...

We started Emma early but she is now taking spanish and she loves it....the earlier the better to learn a language. Tillie will love school!