Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Spring Break

My little family is actually going on Spring Break this year.  It will be the first "real" vacation Tim and I have gone on since our honeymoon - Spring Break '08.  We've gone to Chicago overnight once or twice and a couple long weekends with each side of our extended family, but nothing for this long.

Yes, that is the view at the house we're staying in.  I know, right?  Nags Head, North Carolina.  My grandma is renting it and said that any family members who could make it there were welcome.  I waffled a bit, because 16 hours is long time in the car with a 6 month and nearly 3 year old.  In the end we decided, why not!?  We're never going to be able to take a vacation like this on our own for quite some time.  Spending time with family is good.  And, I just need a break.

My brother and Leah are coming and we're riding together.  Holla!  Two adults to every kid and  multiple drivers.  Right now the plan is to leave late Friday afternoon and drive straight there.  Well, there will be a few stops.  I've been buying little trinkets from the Dollar Spot at Target when they're on clearance(Yes, I wait for them to be less than $1.) to pass out to Tillie if she's getting bored.  There's a DVD player in our car which is only used during long trips so that will be a treat.  She's a good rider and I suspect she'll sleep through most of it.  Teddy should sleep too.

My parents and Kizie are going too, so when we get there I'll even have help watching the kids.  Heck, I might get to go out to eat with just Tim!  Teddy should be eating more solids and could deal with not breastfeeding for a couple hours by then.  (Or maybe, just maybe, he'll decide the bottle isn't evil anymore.)

Have you ever been to the Outer Banks?  Have any suggestions for things to see or do?  It might be warm, it might be cold.  Typically it's around 60*.  I'm crossing my fingers for an abnormally warm week, but if not, there's always the hot tub!

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Alexis B Ciziunas said...

chilly, don't really remember going in the water much, cold as heck in aprilish. we use to do Easter in Duck NC (bout 10 minutes from Nags Head)