Saturday, February 4, 2012

Is that a movie star?

Tillie has asked to go outside at the Gardens every time we've gone this winter. I kind of forget that it's an option right now and typically we leave her coat in the car.  (She's usually in the stroller with a blanket while we walk in.)  Today I remembered her coat.  This is a coat that Laura bought for Kizie from Roger's.  When my mom brought it over this year Tillie wasn't too excited about the coat, but she thought the muff looked awesome.

She happily trotted through the Gardens like this.  When we got out of the shade she asked for her sunglasses.

While we were walking in the treehouse a 10 year old boy said to me, "She looks cute and does look like a movie star."
I just wish there had been snow.

This winter is lame.

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