Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Britax B-Ready Stroller

I've been using my double stroller for about 3 months now.  I think it's about time I get a review written.

doubles mode with car seat adapter(Graco Snugride32)

When I was looking at this style of stroller a lot of people expressed concern about the second seat.  Tillie LOVES it.  She never complains about sitting there and seems to be able to see just fine.  She tells me that she can watch the t.v. at Gymboree from it, so I believe her.  She'd make me let her out if she couldn't.  She likes to pull the sun shade closed so that she can "hide" once and a while.  She can't really climb in our out by herself, but I don't really mind that.

doubles mode with main seat facing parent

Technically Teddy's not suppose to sit in the top seat until he's 6 months old.  He's got good head control, so I felt comfortable with him in it for a little bit today; I just reclined it back as far as it can go.  With the top seat facing the parent, the bottom seat is a little more cramped.  I probably wouldn't do it this way for a long walk, but it was fine for going to and from the car.  I LOVE the sun shades.  They're huge and actually will be able to shade the sun.  Our Micralite's sunshade was a joke.
doubles mode with main seat facing out

It's wider and longer than the stroller I was using before, but that's to be expected with a double.  Still, I haven't quite mastered the hold your own door open yet.  I typically get a back wheel or the cupholder stuck on the door frame.  The push is great and I can easily do it one handed.

It you have any questions about it, feel free to ask me!  I'll probably come back and add more to this post as I remember it.  


Cara & Jeff said...

How easily does it fold/unfold? Is it heavy?

Whenever we have a second, I might ask again then how well it's holding up, since now it's still new so should be working great!

AZPartyMamma said...

I am looking at getting this one just to use as a single, so I have some questions. How easy is the open/close? How much room does it take in the back of the van when folded? Would you take a car trip with this stroller? Do you put the top seat in the reverse position?

Amber Lynn said...

Honestly, the fold isn't the best. When the second seat is on the latch doesn't lock very well -- I just don't lock it.

The fold is easy, but it does take two hands. I kind of fold it and lift it into the van as I'm folding it. Maybe when Tim gets home I'll have him take a video of me doing it.

I do plan on taking it on vacation with us to North Carolina this spring. If I take all the seats off for the trip it won't take up as much space.

If you're using the top in parent-facing mode you have to take it off to fold it.

Honestly, for one kid I would probably get a different stroller. I expect a double to be a little bulky, but this is a little bulky even in singles mode. I would recommend going to Buy Buy Baby and trying out a lot of singles first.

Amber Lynn said...

It takes a fair amount of room, but I don't really try fitting it in a small space because so far I don't need to. I always have a ton of extra space in the back of the van with only two small kids.

Our NC trip will be a little more telling since my brother and girl friend will be riding with us.