Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year in Pictures

In January I was a special education sub at my husband's school.  I used to work there too before we were married; it's where we met!  I was there for book character day and I dressed as Fancy Nancy.

The "Blizzard of 2011" hit in February.  Tim had a couple snow days.  Luckily we have friends who live just around the corner so we weren't housebound the whole time.

March brought at trip to the Children's museum.  We met Tillie's (second?) cousins Liza and Annika there.

It was finally warm enough in April to play outside again.  Tillie was determined that we spend as much time in the backyard as possible.  Since she didn't have a water table, she used the bird bath.  For all the gross things this girl plays with it's amazing we're not sick more.

My little Dutch girl turned 2 in May.

As June always brings, we moved to Camp for a month or so.  I spend the time chasing Tillie.  Tim spends it chasing critters and campers in the woods.

We saw a lot of friends and family over the 4th of July weekend.  Tillie and Lainey had fun together at the cottage.

August brought Tillie's first "camping" experience.  We spent a wonderful weekend at the Conference grounds.  Not too surprisingly, our girl loved it.

I turned 30 in September.  We went to the Allegan County Fair with some friends.  We looked at the animals, let Tillie go on her first carnival rides and ate greasy food.  That weekend Tim took Tillie and me out for dinner.  He also surprised me with a bunch of my friends at the restaurant!  Being 30 isn't so bad.

We became a family of 4 in October.  I should write a blog post about being a mom of 2 kids.  It's not really much harder than just having one.  Well, it won't be when Teddy starts sleeping better.  That happens around 3 months, right?  Please say I'm right.  Teddy is a joy and his smiles brighten up a room.

If you live in West Michigan, Sandy the pony is a familiar sight.  A 1¢ pony ride was the highlight of every Meijer grocery shopping trip growing up.  I didn't start Tillie on it too soon for a couple reasons: 1) I didn't want to have to do it every time we were there yet. 2) I wanted to have the camera so I could take a picture of her first ride.  In November I finally started letting her ride.

And finally December.  It's been a blur of work, parties, laundry, lights, naps, shopping and songs.  We've had a great year.  I hope 2012 is just as lovely.

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Cara & Jeff said...

Yes, 12 weeks. Cole started at 8 but he was no longer nursing so I think that contributed. :) And we were "bad" and put him on his tummy. I already bought a rock n play sleeper for the next kid, so they don't have to sleep in the carseat like he did!