Monday, December 19, 2011

My Little Bakers

We're going to a Christmas party tonight.  I told Kizie I would bring cupcakes for her (and my cousin Cara's son Cole who has the same birthday).  She requested marble with chocolate frosting.  Since I get very little kid-free time during the day, I knew they would have to "help" me.  (Although, they're starting to nap at the same time in the afternoon.  It's bliss...)

Tillie was super-excited when I told her we were going to make cupcakes.  She quickly pulled a chair from the kitchen table and positioned it exactly where she wanted it to be.

Teddy chilled in the bumbo on the counter.  Tillie insisted he "hold" the spatula.  Thankfully, he was happy to watch us work.  I'd forgotten how content baby Tillie had been watching me work in the kitchen.  There is hope I'll be able to do things again!

Tillie and I wore matching aprons.  Teddy wore a bib.  He doesn't have an apron yet.  The chocolate is always Tillie's favorite part of baking.

Yes, they're just from a box -- that's how I make cake.  It is a Duncan Hines mix though.  They're the best box mix.  Also, if you have a craving for marble cake, I don't recommend cupcakes.  It's kind of time-consuming to add the chocolate to each individual cake.  I don't know how well they're swirled.  They're also not consistent in size.  I'm going to blame that one on my helpers.

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