Thursday, December 15, 2011

I Guess He Was Hungry

Last night after dinner Tim went out with some friends.  I wanted a few things from Target so I decided we'd run there while he was gone.  Two kids to Target at night in the pouring rain has definitely got to be one of my more interesting choices.  But, I promised Tillie popcorn, so off we went.

This through our normal evening schedule off a little, but I knew Tillie would be fine and I didn't think Teddy would care at all.  His schedule... Well, let's just say we're working on it.  He does normally get a bottle around 8p every night but that got pushed back a little because he needed a bath after Tillie went to bed(8p).  I guess he has more of a schedule than I thought because he kept falling asleep as I was trying to feed him.  Tim came home while we were doing this and I passed Teddy off to him.  We were standing in the kitchen talking when Tim looked down and saw that Teddy found the bottle.

It's the funniest thing that little boy has ever done.  Okay, he's only 2 months old, but we were dying of laughter.  And kind of impressed that he was able to get his head and mouth where he wanted it.

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Anonymous said...

How funny. He's obviously very advanced!! :)