Sunday, December 18, 2011

Happy 10th Birthday Kizie!

In the past on Kizie's birthdays I've posted pictures that I'd previously had online.  In honor of her 10th birthday I have "new" Kizie pictures to share with you.

J. Crew argyle for school pictures!

She always looks cute in purple.

My friend Laura got her this blue dress from Spain.  Tillie wore this dress for pictures with Kizie's chicks.

She always loved swinging.  She wore this coat all the time.  Tillie wore it quite a few times too.

Our outfits match often because she loved it.

I used to have more control over her wardrobe.  She loved crewcuts when it first started.

More J. Crew argyle.  We have all these sweaters saved for Tillie.  Argyle is always in, right?

She liked exploring this beach with Tim and I.

When my parents got the referral, my brothers and I gave this outfit to my mom for her.  It's from Gymboree and I bought every last piece -- hat, socks, overalls, sweater and bodysuit.

Happy birthday dear sister!

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