Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Card Pictures

Most(yes, most) of my Christmas cards have been mailed out.  I suspect that some of them have even reached their homes by now.  So, lucky readers, you get to see the pictures I used!  Our wonderful friend Dave took some family pictures for us.  We went to Camp and I ADORE them.  We had two different cards this year and these are the two pictures we used.
On the steps to the waterfront.

In Chapel Grove

But, since I have this weird thing about Christmas outfits and cards I decided to get a picture of my two kids together.  I practiced the "set layout" with Tillie.
Hmm, this might not go as planned...

Tim came in the room around then and tricked her into smiling.

Then I tried Teddy out in the sled.  After a few crying pictures, I managed to get this.

So, I tried to get a picture of them together.  This did not go how I would have liked it to.
I die of laughter every time I see this picture.

I used the pictures of the separately on the front of card, but I couldn't help but throw that one on the back.