Sunday, October 2, 2011

Church vs. Nursery

In the last month, Tillie has decided that she hates nursery.  She actually starts groaning when we pull up to church every Sunday.  I know, lovely.

So, she gets a choice.  She can go to nursery and play with her friends and toys or she can sit by mommy and be quiet.  Last week she chose to come to church, but halfway through the service looked up at me and said, "Toys?"  So, I took her to nursery.  She cried a little when I left her, but was happy as a clam when I picked her up.

This week she picked to come to church with me again.  Right after the sermon started she stood up and I said, "Do you want to go play with your friends and the toys?'  She started walking towards the nursery so I followed her.  Once we got to the door she started crying.  I was thinking she's crazy because she's the one who asked to go there.  I tried to show her some toys and the crayons, but she decided to come back to church with me.

When she's in church she's actually really good.  She stands up when everyone else does to sing and folds her hands when I tell her we're praying.  She colors quietly and typically falls asleep during the sermon.  I wouldn't mind having her there at all, but it would be much easier to have just the baby in church with me for a year.  We'll see what the next few months bring.

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