Friday, September 30, 2011

39 weeks

I'm not going to lie, I never really thought I'd have a 39 week picture.  Tillie was born before I got one, so I just kind of assumed I wouldn't go this far this time.  I'm not mad or disappointed, just surprised.  At least now I'll only have to share my birth month with my dad.  And three close friends, a brother-in-law, a sister-in-law, an aunt and a friend's son...  Okay, it's probably for the best that this baby will be born in October.

Because of last week's appointment getting moved, my 39 week appointment isn't until Monday, so I have no update for you there.  I still feel great, so I'm guessing I'll make it to that appointment.  (Although Monday would be a lovely day to have a baby, he/she could share with Mabel!)

I did think of a few random things yesterday though.  This baby has never had the hiccups.  Tillie had them a few time, but I thought they were super-annoying.  That's probably because it was always at night.  If the old-wives-tale about heartburn = hair is true is kid will not have much.  I'm hoping that one doesn't come true because I think babies with hair are cuter.  Yes, I said it.  Now I'm going to have a bald kid, talk about how cute it is and you all are going to wonder if I'm lying.  Well, if it's going to be bald I hope it's a boy - it's hard to get clips in without hair.  My ankles still aren't swollen.  This is crazy to me because they were so puffy with Tillie.  I'm really not sick of being pregnant, I just cannot wait to meet this little kid.  I want to know if it's a girl or a boy.  I want to see how Tillie will react to having a baby in the house.  I think she'll like it, but I know there will be an adjustment.  And, I want to spend my Gap rewards on tiny boy or girl clothes!

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Hope said...

You look great, Amber. I don't know how you can stand knowing something as big as *having a baby* is imminently upon you, and could happen at any time! I can't wait to see a picture of a tiny new baby. I hope it's a smooth labor.