Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Stroller!

So, if you're my facebook friend you might have realized that my Britax B-Ready arrived yesterday.  I may have mentioned it once or twice.  Thankfully my mom was over when it arrived so she could carry it into the house for me.  It even came while Tillie was napping so I had time and no distractions while putting it together.  I showed it to her as soon as she got up and she immediately asked to ride in it.  There's not a great area in my house for a ride.

I told Tim we needed to go to ArtPrize when he got home so that I could truly test it out.  I love it.
Yep, Tillie still gets a pacifier at bedtime, in the car, in the stroller and while snuggling.  I can't get too worked up about it.

The sunshade is HUGE, especially since I've been using my Micralite for over a year.  I adore that stroller, but the sunshade is practically worthless.   It was kind of rainy and Tillie managed to stay pretty dry.
See, HUGE sunshade, she peaks out from under it.  Also, I'm officially more pregnant than I've ever been in this picture.

Today I took Tillie to the mall and had her facing me.  I love this feature.  It probably won't work the best when I have the second seat attached, but my good little shopper was GREAT.  She talked to me the whole time we were there.

I'll post another update on it when we use the second seat and the car seat attachment. 

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Rebekah Muller said...

yea for new stroller! that sunshade is awesome! I'm excited to see how it works with the other seat attached.
(I think you get as excited about strollers as I get excited about car seats. But now my car seat hunt is over, they're both in "forever" seats so no more excitement here.)