Saturday, August 27, 2011

Before the Baby Comes

Here is the list of the things I'd like to get done before the baby comes:

1. Finish the office transformation to our new room.
2. Paint our old room for Tillie's new room. (Walls done 9/22, trim next week.)
3. Wash, sand and paint Tillie's bed red. (2.5 coats of paint on as of 9/20.)
4. Buy a double stroller. (Sale starts 9/15, extra registry coupon starts 9/24.)
5. Make a book sling and tablecloth for Tillie's new room. (Finished 9/22/12)
6. Paint(and buy and hang) the frames for Tillie's new room artwork.
7. Buy and change out the hardware on Tillie's new-to-her dressers.  (Thanks Angela!)
8. Pack hospital/Tillie/baby bags for when I'm in labor.
9. Get my eyebrows threaded and my hair done. (Hair appointment 9/13.)
10. Get the newborn clothes down from the attic to wash and sort.
11. Organize Tillie's new closet and switch out her hangers to the wood hangers I have in the attic.  (I'm not going to lie, I'm super excited about this one.)
12.  Make a few freezer meals. -- I need to clean and organize the freezers so there is room to do this.
13. Sew Tillie's halloween costume. (Dorothy's gingham dress)
14. Buy/find sheets and curtains for Tillie's new room.
15. Find a sale on some newborn diapers.  Tillie wore them for 2 months, so I'm assuming I'll need a pack or two at minimum.
16. Switch Tillie to her new room and hope that she has no problem in a "big girl bed."
17. Get the cradle out of the attic and set up in our room.  And get the bouncy seat while we're up there.  Get the bassinet attachment to the Pack N Play out of the attic.
18. Order Cord Blood Donation Kit.
19. Write birth plan.
20. Pick out baby names. (Short list made.)
21. Install infant seat base in mini-van.

Today I did one thing that I wanted to get done -- buy new pajamas to wear in the hospital after the baby's born.  I had a set with Tillie that I LOVE, but it's getting a little worn.  Okay, there are holes in the pants.  I've had my eye on a set from Gap (top, bottoms) and was waiting for a good sale.  It happened today!  Everything in-store for Women was 50% off.  I also had some rewards to use so I only paid $1 for the set.  That's definitely in my price range!  The material is super-soft and comfy, the top can be easily pulled down for feeding and the black is forgiving!  With a cardigan on I won't feel so much like I'm wearing pajamas as I entertain visitors.  Ah heck, no one will be looking at me anyway!

I'll probably come back and add things to this list as I remember them.  If you have any suggests, let me know.  I have done a few things that would otherwise be on this list(buy baby book, wash the carseat, etc.) but I'm sure I'll forget something!

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Cohrs Compilations said...

you have a lot left! get going ;)