Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I woke up this morning thinking it was too nice out to stay home and do laundry.  I was planning on going to the Gardens, but I just didn't feel like driving over there.  Then I realized we hadn't gone to the zoo yet this year!

Tillie wasn't so sure about some of the animals.  I think the eagles were bigger than she expected.  There were also quite a few school groups there which intimidated her.  She was tickled to see an owl though.

When we got to the monkey viewing deck with all the picnic tables she took one look around at the other kids sitting at tables and proclaimed, "Eat, eat!"  Already succumbing to peer-pressure...

Tim will be proud, she was the most excited and actually walked around in the naturalist exhibit.

She happily rode a barrel horse.

And, because it's required to prove we were there, a picture with John Ball.  I think next year I'll actually be able to put her on the statue!

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Sarah Ashley said...

Love her hat and her outfit! She looks adorable!!!