Monday, May 16, 2011


I'm 19w3d today, and what do you know but that baby measured 19w3d!  We didn't find out the sex, as was planned.  That didn't mean I didn't try and take a peek though.  At one point I was sure it was a boy and later convinced it's a girl.  The tech did know that we didn't want to find out, so she didn't really go near that area.  Because of that, I'm not entirely convinced I was looking at the correct body parts.  So, it's officially still a surprise!

The nose was thoughtfully labeled for you...
I don't know if she just took my word for it, but Tillie was pointing out "baby!" while looking at this picture.

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Sarah Ashley said...

I LOVE ultrasound pictures. So sweet. Congrats. Good thing they labeled that nose. I may have got confused. ;) I don't know how you can keep it a secret. I would be so nosey!