Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Remember how I told your I would have cute Tulip Time pictures because I would have helpers along to make her smile?


In her defense, it was 82*.  A little hot for that many layers.  Shortly after taking this picture Kizie asked to take her costume off.  As we were waiting for them to come back, Tillie asked the same thing.

Of course, I was prepared for her to be wearing her costume and be mostly covered from the sun.  I didn't have a sun hat or sunscreen.  A quick trip to Tip Toes covered the hat (awesomely they were handing out 20% off coupons to everyone who came in) and Model Drug sold me some sunscreen(that I will now keep in the diaper bag).  As we passed Crane's a doughnut sounded good, it appears Tillie agreed with this idea.  She was a much happier baby in her romper.  I couldn't believe how much she loved the parade!  She clapped for all the bands, she waved to Gov. Snyder and danced to Katy Perry.  (What band director thought Katy Perry would be appropriate for Tulip Time?)

Then she fell asleep on the way home and even stayed sleeping when I moved her to the couch.

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