Thursday, May 26, 2011


A couple weeks ago when my mom was watching Tillie she noticed that she liked to dig in the dirt in the back yard.  Then a few days later she was at Menards and saw a lot of other people buying bags of Play Sand and she didn't want Tillie to be left out.  This is how Tillie came to receive two bags of play sand with her birthday gift.

My mom told me to throw it in a corner of the yard, or reminded me that Kizie had her "sandbox" in a wagon.  A corner of the yard isn't really my style and we didn't have an extra wagon handy.  What I do have, is a local Target.  I picked up a 31 gallon shallow storage tub and had Tim pour the sand in it for me. (Only one bag, the other would fit, but it would be too heavy for me to move easily.)

The cement didn't really seem like the best place because I'd have to eventually sweep up the sand.  No, the backyard on an old bench seemed like the perfect place.

Tillie doesn't care where it is.  She's too busy digging and pouring.

When she's not using it the lid keeps it free of debris and cats trying to use it as a litter box, plus I can store it in the garage.


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