Friday, May 27, 2011

21 weeks

This picture was really taken last night at 20 weeks 6 days.  We're leaving for a weekend away right after school (like, I'm picking Tim up from school and then we're going to Z-town to get Kiz) so we wouldn't be able to take a picture by the red wall today unless I was to get up before 6a.  No thank you.

Of course, I nearly forgot to take the picture last night. This was taken at 10pm and I'm looking a little rough.  I changed back out of my pajamas for it.  Yeah, I still rock the cheerleader ponytail at night.  I added the bow just for you guys.

Oh, and as a reminder, our neighbors watch our house like a hawk.  And, we have nothing to steal unless you're into televisions that are over 10 years old and a DVD player that doesn't work.

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