Thursday, April 21, 2011

Just To Show You What I'm Working With

Tim read the lists of names.  His first reaction is to veto everything.  Here are his response to a few of the names.

Fiona - "Apple"
Lydia - "Peterson"
Ellie- "Mulder"
Anastasia- "Romanov"
Ruth- "and Boaz"
Amelia- "That's okay."
Analeise- "This has anal at the beginning."
Hadriana (Haddy)- "He built a wall."
Adaline- "Sweet Adelines for Ada"

William- "Actually, I like William." (*note* William was his grandpa's name.)
Nolan- "Ryan"
Titus- "Can I call him Tit?  Yes, we need to use this.  He'll totally be called tit-us in school."
Benjamin- "Huisman" (And our nephew)

Thankfully, when we're seriously talking about names he's a lot more accepting.  Still, feel free to mention to him how awesome of name you think Elspeth is. ;)


Amy said...

Names I've heard recently given to babies you don't know: Finley, Aldon, Cooper, Xsenia, Thessaly. Oh, and have you heard Elspeth? Awesome, right?

Cara said...

Maybe Tim should live underground for awhile so he stops coming up with associations to every name on the planet! Good luck!

Amy Melissa said...

I can just picture this conversation happening. It makes me smile thinking about it. KC and I think we have our boy name set but are really struggling with girl names still. Our goal is to have names by the end of April... there aren't many days left!

I'm afraid if I give you suggestions, I'm going to end up wanting to use one of them!

Could you keep Elsie and find another name like Elspeth to shorten it from as a compromise? Elloise? Elysia? Elsabeth?

Cohrs Compilations said...

man, my hubby is the same way. Probably not quite as bad as Tim though. We had names picked out before kids, but now we have been nixing them. A friend on facebook just named her baby Elsie and I agree with Amy that would work for short for Elspeth! I wasn't sure where they got the name.

Amy said...

I forgot one: Persephone. Sephie for short.

Unknown said...

Haha. He sounds like MY husband, who was sure to veto every single name I loved.

Anonymous said...

Ush already vetoes all the names I like and we aren't even ready for kids yet!
Caleb is my favourite boy name (which he hates), but we both like Taliya for a girl.