Monday, April 18, 2011

Baby Names

I've recently begun composing lists for this new baby.  I have a lot of ideas, but many of them will not pass Tim.  (Elspeth.  *sigh*)  We possibly have a boy name picked out; it's something we've liked since Tillie was born. but again I'm more convinced of it than Tim.

Another thing that factors in is close friends and family who will be having their babies in the months before us.  There are at least 5 and first names they pick would be off limits for me.  I know some people don't have problems with name sharing, but it's not something I want for my children.  Particularly when it's of another child they'll be so close in age and spending time with.

There's also another handful of friends or co-workers who will have their babies before us.  Name sharing with them would be okay, but I wouldn't want people to think we "copied" them.  (Yes, I probably care too much about what other people think.)

Then there is my personal list of requirements. 1. It must be a "real" name with history. Behind the Name is my favorite site to check meanings.  It's generally the most accurate. 2. It must easily indicate the sex of the child. 3. I prefer it to not be in the top 100 names on the Social Security Administration list. 4.  I like longer names that have nicknames.  5. It shouldn't sound weird with our last name.  Louie anyone?

So, how did you and your partner decide on your children's names?  Do you have any suggestions for a sibling to Matilda Jean?


Amy said...

I kind of like Cornelia for a girl and then you could call her a nickname like Lia or Nell or Nellie or Neil ... It would be a nice nod to Cornie -- I kind of wished I'd given Riley the middle name Neil after Cornie, but I didn't think of it until too late.

Cara & Jeff said...

Before we even got married, Jeff said he wanted to name a son after a Phillies player, and use the middle name David because of his dad. I agreed quickly to David, but many Phillies players have ethnic names which sounded weird with our last name, or had old man names...Chase was one option, but with a last name starting with S, that just didn't work form. Cole was the best remaining option! For a girl, we had chosen a name we liked, and the middle name was still up for debate. I don't know if we'll save it for later, but it doesn't fit your rules anyway!

I will keep thinking about names that work with Matilda Jean and fit your criteria.

e Daly said...

I have such a hard time with girl names!! I think Elliouse and Oliver sounds cute with Matilda.

Cara & Jeff said...

They don't all fit your requirements (I didn't check to see if they are on the lists), but here goes (I'm taking them from friends' kids--and there are some I don't like, but I won't say which in case you use something like it):
Amelia, Hazel, Charlize, Orson, William, Nolan, Preston, Teague, Declan, Odin, Wyatt, Rue, Elliot, Audra, Audrey, Asher, Geneva, Lillian...I think that's it for now

Cara & Jeff said...

I went through more friends...and asked for suggestions. We were bored.

Hadriana (Haddy)

Henry (Hank)