Thursday, April 28, 2011

Garage Sales

I adore garage sales.  Last year a ton of Tillie's summer wardrobe came from garage sales.  2t seems to be a little harder to come by, but I've still picked up quite a bit.

These are two of my best finds so far this year.

Last week I stopped at a garage sale in Wyoming on my way to Costco.  It was raining, but I decided to go anyway.  I found this Little Tikes wagon for $5.  There is a little tear in the plastic on the other side, but that just means I don't have to worry about kids breaking it.

Tillie even figured out how to remove and replace the sides already.  Smart kid.  Took her about 2 minutes.

Yesterday I went garage sale-ing in the pouring rain with my mom in Zeeland.  At the first house I picked up this Little Tikes tool bench.  It was missing all the tools, but still has the phone!  It was $5 too.

I guess I should stop at garage sales in the rain more often.

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