Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Requirements

There are a few things I think every Easter needs.

1.  In church, you should sing these three songs: He Lives, Up from the Grave He Arose, and Christ the Lord is Risen Today.  We only sang the middle.  I was disappointed.

2. Little girls in cute dresses and cardigans.  Bonnets are a bit plus.  They need to come back, even if some of the little girls disagree.

3.  Some candy is good.  Especially if it's cut into bite sized pieces.

4. We didn't have them when I was little, but I thinking having egg hunts are fun.  Especially when I always win.

5.  Walks in the woods to see the wild flowers used to be a Mother's Day tradition, but with Easter so late in the year we could do it now.

How did you spend your Easter?


Cohrs Compilations said...

ours was quite boring. Church was nice, but we didn't sing the three musts which I would have enjoyed. We had spaghetti for dinner and no Easter Egg hunt or basket. I always enjoyed those as a child. I was feeling like we were missing out when I realized that NEXT year we'll start to be able to have these traditions and celebrate with a little one! yay!

Sarah Joy said...

i love point #1! i went to the early morning "traditional" service at my church on Easter just for those songs...I knew we wouldn't get them in our contemporary service!