Wednesday, December 29, 2010

From One Tree to Another

Tillie LOVED our Christmas tree.  It would be the first thing she looked for when she woke up and would say, "Uh-Oh" until we turned it on.  We when we would leave during the day she would wave bye-bye to the tree.  Randomly throughout the day she would pause in what she was doing, stare at the tree and say, "Wow."

I knew she would be heartbroken when we took it down.  When we put it up, we did it while she was sleeping so she wouldn't see us touching the tree.  Yesterday she sat on my mom's lap watching curiously as I took the ornaments off the tree.  I intended for her to watch Tim take off the lights and bring it outside, but she needed to go to bed early.

I decided that I needed to bring back the Valentine's Tree.  I love my tinsel tree, but there's no place in the house for it with a real tree and all of Tillie's things.  With the tree gone, I can swing it.

I think she likes it.

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maria hoekstra said...

i LOVE this picture of her! :)