Friday, September 3, 2010

A Night Away

Yesterday we packed Tillie up to have a sleepover with Auntie Kiz, and Tim and I headed out to the exotic town of Allegan.

I know.

But really, we stayed at at nice bed and breakfast called Castle in the Country.  Our room was the Bittersweet.  It was really nice.  And, we saw a picture of how it looked a couple a years ago.  The blue is a super-huge improvement over floral wallpaper.

For dinner we drove down the street to The Grill House.  After appetizers and salads, you go to the "grill room" where you choose your steak out of the meat case and grill it yourself on a super-awesome grill.  We didn't take any pictures of it, which is too bad.  Tim and I split a porterhouse.  It was huge.  So was my glass of wine.
This was the only picture we took the whole time we were gone. Oops.

For breakfast we were served red grapes and honeydew, maple-glazed oatmeal-pecan scones, smoked ham and banana creme & slivered almond filled crepes with strawberry coulis.  I'm not a big fan of banana things, but it was pretty delicious.  It was also some of the best ham I've ever had.

We then did some antique shopping.  We found the cutest red folding chairs that you will see sometime soon in a picture with Tillie.  It was a wonderful getaway, and we still have the long weekend ahead of us!

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