Monday, August 30, 2010


On Sunday, I sent Tillie to nursery for the first time.  With people I've never meet as the caretakers.

Yes, I'm one of those moms who keep their kids in church with them.  My own personal preference is that they stay with me in church until they're walking.  Tillie's not really walking yet, but she's "walking age".  Until this point she's been pretty content to sit with me with a bowl of puffs and a bottle.  Church has always been during her naptime and often times she fell asleep on the my lap.  Okay, for the last 4 month we've spent the sermon portion of the service in the fellowship hall.  But, I still wasn't ready to send her to nursery.

This past Sunday we went to a friends church.  I knew that Lainey would be in nursery and I thought Tillie would do better with one familiar face.  I dropped her off, signed her name and wrote a note that she really liked her blanket.  She waved to us from the train table as we walked away.

As soon as the service ended I immediately went to pick her up.  When the nursery attendant handed her over to me she said, "Tillie was great!  She like playing at the kitchen and moving the dishes around."  Tim and I replied, "Oh good.  This was her first time in nursery."  "Really?  She was great!"

Toy kitchens and a train table sure beat baby puffs and a cup of milk.

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