Wednesday, June 30, 2010

There's a New Stroller in Town (erm, Camp?)

My Scandinavian Child 'I Am EveryWear' Challenge prize arrived yesterday!  Everything is awesome.  We decided to check out the Mircralite FastFold SuperLite stroller first.

It was easy to put together, but I'll admit that it took me about 10 minutes to figure out how to open it.  Now it's easy, but that initial open was slightly frustrating.  I didn't like what they were having for dinner at Camp, so Tillie and I had a Mom-Daughter date for an evening in 'town'.

As we entered the first shop, the first words out of the clerks mouth were "Wow!  That's a cool stroller!"  It was fun to tell her that I just won it.  Tillie was content to sit and stroll around.
See those two steps?  It was easy peasy to get the stroller up them!  And, Tillie says "Hi!"

It's a really cool stroller and I'm really glad we have it.  It will take up far less space in my trunk.  I did learn that if you're hanging a purse on the back and then take the baby out, it will tip over.  Yeah, I've seen so many Maclaren's do that at work that I should have expected it.

Also, being at Camp doesn't lend to blogging very well.  But, I still post pictures and statuses often on facebook.  If you're a regular reader, let me know and I'll add you there.

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