Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stroller Advice?

Now that I'm the owned of three strollers. I have a question for you all.  The Micralite will live in my trunk now and be my mall/quick errand stroller.  The Chariot will live in the garage/camp and be my outdoor adventure stroller.  What do I do with my Graco?  Keep it in the garage and switch it out with the Micralite for all day outings?

Which I guess is my main question.  Next week Kizie, Tillie and I are going to the Zoo with some friends.  We should take the Graco, right?  It holds drinks, won't tip over and Tillie had a snack tray.

It's the obvious answer, but I want to show off my snazzy Mircralite.

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Hope said...

I say go for it with the Mircralite. If it turns out to be too inconvenient, it will only take one try to know. But if it's manageable, you'll save yourself some lugging around the comfy one in the future. You'll know its limits. But then again, I have never taken a baby to the zoo...