Monday, June 7, 2010


This weekend was full of good things - breakfast with friends, open house, Festival and MARIA was here.  We try to keep in touch, but life gets busy.  Still, she's a friend who just slips back into place when we're together.

Festival of the Arts is not my favorite Festival, but I still try to go every year or so.  I like boring food, so all the ethnic food goodness is wasted on me.  It was warm, so Tim and Maria got ice cream.  I got popcorn.

I found a ridiculously awesome polyester dress, but it wasn't my size.

Tillie was a little cranky, so into the sling for a little bit.  (Until we realized she was hungry.  Then it was back into the stroller where it was much easier for her to share ice cream.  She liked both Mint Chocolate Chip and Mackinaw Island Fudge.)

Also, for as comfy as this dress is, it's not the most flattering anymore.  Especially with a cardigan over it.

It was a wonderful day for a downtown walk.

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Amy Melissa said...

How fun that Maria was here! I had a vegetarian falafal wrap on Friday - I love all the different foods! I took a small lunch break from the office to walk the festival for 30 minutes.

PS - What are you even talking about?! That dress looks adorable on you.

Does Tille have on BabyBanz?! Ki has blue ones that are really cute.

Hope you have a great day.