Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Reenactment of Sorts

A few weeks ago I started letting Tillie have a blanket with her during naps.  She loves her blankets, and I could easily check on her.  Plus, she's crawling and climbing all over.  I felt confident that she would be fine with one in her crib.

Overnight was another story.  That still scared me a little, so she got a little 7"x7" blankie overnight.  She seemed fine with that and all was good.

About a week or two ago, when I got Tillie up in the morning she had her big blanket in bed with her.  Of course, I accused Tim of leaving it in there with her.  He said he was pretty sure he didn't let her have it.  But I told him, "You put her to bed.  How else would it have got in there?"

Enter one sneaky little baby.

The next morning when I went to get her, I saw her doing that.  We would put the blanket on a basket of clean blankets and sleepsack and other random baby items.  I never thought she would sneak her little arm in there and pull it through.

She got even smarter though.  Now when I check on her before I go to bed, she's pulled the blanket through to her already - no more waiting for morning.  She's happily sleeping and cuddling with it.

In the morning when I go to get her I'm greeted with this little view --

She's ready to go for the day -- with her blanket.

p.s. I did apologize to Tim for accusing him.  He was glad it was Tillie stealing the blanket because he was sure he didn't leave it with her!