Saturday, April 17, 2010


Days spent outside go by faster, in a good way. We spent the entire day at Camp for a fund-raising adventure race that Tim helps plan. This year my dad, Uncle Rick and brothers were on a team.
The Sarcastic 4
They came in 5th place!

Tillie had a good time watching the other kids play.  I think she'll have more fun at Camp this summer.

It's around a mile or less from central area out to Pando, where some of the events were held.  Of course, after I get out there, Tillie decides she's desperately hungry for some milk.  Lainey was riding with us in the Chariot, so I push them back to my mom's van where the bottle was.  I made a couple of bad choices.  1. Leaving the bottle and not taking it with me.  It was cold, the milk would have been fine. 2. Taking what I though might be a "short cut" up a root ridden path up the back of Girls Hill.  That was hard with a stroller. 3. Walking back out to Pando to see my family's team finish.  They rang the bell 30 seconds after I made it to the top of the hill.

I am sore and tired.  But I know I'm not the only one.  I think a lot of people will sleep well tonight!

Oh, and you know way back when last year when I said we got the Chariot because all our friends have one?  Here's the proof:
And, that's not even all of them.  The funny thing is that none of us have the same one.

We're fans of the Kelty Carriers as well:

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Cohrs Compilations said...

LOVE camp Roger. Did I ever mention I went there every summer and your hubby is one of the counselors that was there when I was there? He still seems to fit in well. I loved seeing your pictures of one of my favorite places! Wish I could be there all summer!