Friday, April 16, 2010

Milk and Shoes.

Now that Tillie is 11 months old, I can start weaning her off formula. It's been going a lot easier than I expected. She doesn't seem to care at all. When we're out and about and she gets a full formula bottle she sucks it down so fast, but at home she drinks a mixture with no problem. I'm already at a 3-1 milk/formula ratio.

This will save me so much money. I still can't get her to drink anything out of a sippy, but it doesn't bother me too much. Please don't judge the bottle?

Now, shoes. I had bought a pair of See Kai Run sandals (in teal) for her this winter. I bought them in a 5/12-18m. Hmmm. That will probably fit her this winter. She's still wearing her adorable 3/6-9m See Kai Runs. I will be sad when she outgrows these little yellow numbers.  Also important to note, I didn't pay over $14.95 for any of her shoes.  And, I don't want too.

She'll probably start walking this summer, so I'd like to get her "good" sandals for this summer.  Since it's the season to buy sandals, I can't find a good deal anywhere.  Any advice for good brands for new walkers?  The ones I know are See Kai Run, Umi and Robeez.  And, more importantly, places to find them for good deals?  I've checked amazon, and piperlime.

Also, please keep voting?  I'm still hovering around #62.

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Jen said...

Check out pedipeds. I swear by those! Beeko is also a great brand for good, sturdy shoes.

Jen Rysdam (Laura's friend)