Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Friends, You Are Impressive.

A few weeks ago I decided to add my blog to a 'Top Baby Blogs' list.  For no reason other than all the cool kids were doing it.  I always hovered around the last page, but yesterday morning I saw that I had made it into the top 200 -- at 199 to be precise.  Awesome.

I though, why not try to get a little higher.  So, I posted on a message board, twitter and facebook asking people to vote.  Wouldn't you know,  was at 99 by this morning!

Thank you friends.  If really doesn't mean anything to get higher on the list.  (Well, if I made it to the top 25 I might be able to host sweet giveaways, but I doubt that will ever happen.)  But, it does make me feel good.

Your reward?  Want to see the sweet flower girl dress I wore in my Aunt Lisa's wedding?  I needed it for a contest I entered and I know you'd want to see this sheer pleated polyester wonder.
I wore it when I was four.  It is from K-Mart.  It's okay to be jealous.

Feel free to keep voting.  You're allowed to vote once per day, no signing up for anything, just a click.
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Miranda said...

I voted again and you are at 97!

Milano~Catching Lightening Bugs said...

Up to 93! :)

Anonymous said...

Voted again