Wednesday, March 31, 2010


It's suppose to get to 70* today.  Tomorrow and Friday? 80*.  I'm so ready.  Especially since we're not going anywhere warm for Spring Break.  When picking out my clothes to wear, I couldn't help but search for my denim capris.  I distinctly remembered wearing them last year, so I knew I had some.

I do have some.
They're maternity denim.  I was actually wearing them the day I had Tillie.

I think I'll stick with my full-length jeans today.  Maybe I'll find some cropped jeans in Chicago next week.  Tomorrow, with 80*, I'll be wearing a skirt.  Perfect for a pedicure with Dykho.  Tillie, however, is ready for the weather today in an adorable romper - crazy hair and all.


Cara & Jeff said...

cute romper! I'm getting my pedicure tonight with Leah! I'm soooo glad it's nice and warm...makes it that much better!

Cohrs Compilations said...

you might as well be in Florida! that's the weather forecast down here also! I love my jean capris!