Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Green Stripes and Tree Buds

Since Tillie was wearing a new shirt, I decided to take a few pictures of her outside.  Look how cute my little girl is!

She's very proud of her standing skills.  She kind of crawls sometimes now.  Still no desire to cruise along furniture or take steps while we're holding her hands.

I never would have guessed the draw the tree buds had.  I mean, they don't even look tasty.
Tillie disagreed with me.

This child is strangely obedient.  When I tell her no, and sign it, she stops what she's doing.  (And, usually starts crying.)  She was not a fan of my plan to stop eating tree buds.

Nope, not a fan at all.

Maybe someday we'll be friends again.


stefiny said...

Oh my word, I've never even met the little sweetie but her crying face makes my heart hurt!!!
She is SO precious!

Miranda said...

Priceless. She is adorable. I can't believe how fast she is growing.