Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Baby Registry. Part Five - Dreams.

There are a few baby items that I dream of owning, but I don't really need them.  (Or have the money!)

1. Superyard
    I just think these looks so useful for outside.  I would love one for at camp in the summer.  (Yes, I know I mention camp a lot in these reviews.  I LOVE camp, but living there hasn't always been the easiest for me.  I like to look for things that will make it better.)  Two of them together would be even better.  We could just pile all the little staff kids at camp in there. Hmm, maybe I should start a craigslist search of one of these.

2. Mei Tai Carrier
    We have a pouch sling, a BabyBjorn and a Kelty backpack.  Yet, I still find myself lusting after more carriers.  The Bjorn wasn't always super-comfortable to me and I think I would like a Mei Tai better.  I also am interested in an Ergo.  They rarely go on sale, but I've heard that they may have them on this week.  It's all I can do to hold myself back.  (I'm so tempted to just order it because I know I could easily sell it if I don't like it.)

3. Maclaren Stroller
    Every once and a while, it would be nice to have a lightweight umbrella stroller.  But, I'm too picky to just buy the $19.97 one they have at BRU.  Maclaren strollers steer and push so nicely.  When we go to Chicago during spring break it would be nice to have one of these instead of our Graco Quattro Tour.  I love it, but it does take up a lot of packing space in my trunk.

4. AngelCare Monitor
    I don't really worry about this anymore, but this monitor would have been so nice when Tillie was tiny.  This monitor has a sensor that can detect if your child stops breathing.  I know I'm not the only mom who would check on her sleeping infant just to make sure they're still breathing.  Apparently, peace of mind costs around $140.

5. Designer Diaper Bag
    This might be my most ridiculous dream.  It's something that I will never have, unless I mysteriously win one.  But this Cake by Petunia Pickle Bottom?  My goodness, have you ever seen a more gorgeous bag?  I think I would be happy as Mary Poppins everyday.

Do you have any of these items?  Are they worth it?  What items do you dream about?


Cara & Jeff said...

I don't have any of these items, but at both places I've babysat recently, they have the Summer Infant video monitor and it is now my new favorite. I will definitely hope to get it when I have kids (though that peace of mind goes for $190 or so). I love it because you can just peek in on the kiddo without the chance of waking them up, and you can make sure they're still breathing, etc. with it. It doesn't have an alarm if they stop, but being able to check without getting up is nice too. Unfortunately, if I don't receive it as a gift, I'm pretty sure Jeff will veto that purchase!

Andrea said...

We have an Ergo and I love it! I use it when I go grocery shopping so I don't have to put Brian's carseat in the cart. Works so much nicer.

We have 2 strollers - a Graco Mosaic which is a glorified umbrella stroller that will take our carseat, but is much smaller than a regular travel system stroller. Our other one is a Baby Jogger City Elite which Kevin can use thanks to the adjustable height handle and the wide wheelbase. That was really the one thing that I was lusting after, but I found a steal on one last week and got it!

We have the Summer Infant Video Monitor and love it!!!!

Amber Lynn said...

I did consider putting the video monitor on the list. Since my house is so small, I'm only one room away from her - always.

If I had an upstairs I would probably dream of it.

Christie C. said...

Our angelcare monitor only cost $80 at Baby Depot and it was worth every.last.penny.

We still use it, but are about to stop since it does give off false alarms if she crawls too far away from it (and she always crawls into the one spot that it doesn't pick her up, go figure) but we definitely plan on using it with baby #2.

Christie C. said...

Oh, and my dream items...

The only two things on my list for #2 are the Ergo and a Phil & Teds double sport stroller. Fortunately we have PFD (permanent fund dividend) checks coming about a week before my due date so we're allotting some of that money for those two things :) I wish I could buy them now, the stroller we bought for Harper is NOT snow friendly so walking has been a challenge this winter.