Wednesday, March 24, 2010

And, just like that, I sewed again.

Last night I just had the sewing itch.  Ever since I first read my friend Kate's post last summer, I wanted to make Tillie some bloomers.  They're just the cutest thing ever.  We had two pairs from Old Navy for my sister Kizie.  She looked darling in them.

So, I made some for Tillie after she went to sleep.
And, they're too small. 
(But very symmetrical.  This picture doesn't show that I actually did a good construction job.)

They definitely won't fit over her cloth diaper, I had to switch to disposable just to take her picture.  I'd say they're a 3-9 month-ish size. 

She wasn't the happiest model this morning.

Today we'll go to the fabric store to see if they have the Amy Butler fabric that will match her new bonnet.  Sometime next week I'll try my hand at a bigger size bloomers.  These will be packed away for a future girl baby.


KatieKate said...

SUPER cute :)

I almost always end up making 2 pair... I'm awful at seam allowances and stuff. But at least they're cute!!!

Eliza said...

Those are adorable! Great job!!!! :) Teva wants a pair!