Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Adorable Bonnets

Remember the bonnet that Tillie had last summer?  My mom bought it for her.  It was adorable and she wore it all. the. time.  It got so many compliments and fit her so well.  I've been thinking about getting her one for this summer.  There are two problems with that.  One, $34 is a little much for the budget right now.  Maybe if I sell some more onesies I'll order one.  Two, how in the world would I pick out another pattern.  Right now I'm leaning toward is Little Brown Birds.

The most exciting part of this post? Eliza, at Postcards from Parenting is hosting an Urban Bonnets giveaway!  Now, I could have been greedy and kept this to myself, but I figure everyone should have a chance to win this adorable hat.

Go on, enter.  But don't be sad when I win.  Tillie looks so good in bonnets.


Hope said...

Amber, do you think you could sew one of these yourself using the smaller size you have from last summer as a guide for a pattern?

Amber Lynn said...

No. I really have hardly any sewing skills. Appliques I can do, straightish lines on baby wipes, but a bonnet would be beyond me.

Eliza said...

Thanks for blogging about my giveaway! Your blog is so cute! You just got 3 additional entries into the giveaway for this post! Good luck! :)