Friday, February 12, 2010

Shopping with Grandma is fun.

Matilda Jane's spring line, Hammond Bay, came out today.  Last year, a whole box of Matilda Jane goodness was delivered to Kizie.  My mom always felt we should buy a little something after getting so much for free.

So my mom bought Tillie a dress, the Wendy Tiered dress.  It should come in 3-4 weeks.

She also got herself the adult sized version of this coat, Mossy Willow.
And me?  Well, I'll be getting the Cher dress I posted below.

See, shopping with Grandma is fun!


Hope said...

Nice. That's a really neat dress.

Hope said...

The Cher one is what I was referring too, though the other items are quite appealing to the eye as well.