Friday, January 23, 2009

Complete Shock and Surprise

Today I arrived home to a large box from Matilda Jane Clothing on my doorstep. I rushed in as fast as my pregnant self could to open it to see what was inside. There was a card from Denise, the owner/designer, letting me know she read my blog and was sorry about what happened. She remembered she used some size 10s in a photo shoot, so she dug around to find them so the Kiz would have her dress, and some extras.

It felt like Christmas. I called Kizie immediately and my mom didn't even believe Kiz when she told her. As soon as dinner was done, we drove out to Moline to show Kizie her new goods!

(She was having a crazy hair day...and I don't know why it looks like she was wearing lipstick. We'll have a better photo session when the weather, and Kizie, cooperates more!)

In this box of goodness there was the 'fern pink knot' dress(which is what I originally ordered for her!), 'molly the envy' skirt, 'zelda' jacket, long sleeved hooded tee and a long sleeved print button tee. Kizie exclaimed over all the cool buttons.

Dress and Button tee

And, with the dress for LuLu I bought earlier(if she's a she!)

Long sleeved hooded tee and skirt (She had to pose with the goose...)

Track jacket, button tee and skirt, with Track Jacket I bought for LuLu(if he's a he!)

I'm just completely overwhelmed with Denise's generosity!

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