Friday, January 1, 2010

Year in Pictures

In January a box of goodies came from Matilda Jane for Kizie.  My order got messed up and they more than made up for it.

February brought a Valentine's Trip to Chicago.  Tim and I shopped, ate, visited friends and went to a museum.

The nursery got a lot of work done on it in March.  Yes, I painted.  I opened the windows, and so far Tillie seems okay.

In April, my belly grew, quite a bit.  Here I am at 37 weeks in my favorite maternity shirt.

 May?  I guess you could say May was an exciting month around here.  We became a family of three.

After school ended in June, we moved the family out to Camp Roger for a month an a half.

There's only one way to spend the 4th day in July.  In Dorr, MI at the parade.  Kizie teaches Tillie about this fact in life.

August brought a lot of day trips and vacations.  I made my baby sleep in a laundry basket.

It only took me until September to realize there is an awesome Farmer's market a couple miles up the road from me.  Next year I will be making better use of it.

I love October for many reason, but one of them is kids in costumes.  Seriously, it doesn't get much cuter.

In November our girl did a lot of teething.  We used Orajel, Teeting Tablets, Tylenol, frozen washcloths and any method people suggested.  Sometimes, it still just hurt her.  (Yet managed to amuse us.)

Many, many things happened in December.  Kizie turned 8, Tim "grew" (and had removed) a kidney stone, my mom had brain surgery, Tillie celebrated her first Christmas among many other things.  In spite of the bad things, it was a pretty good month.

Blessings to you at the beginning of this shiny new year.

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gemini said...

Great, beautiful baby ...Happy new year to the family, hopping by.