Thursday, December 31, 2009

I love clearance sales.

The last week in December is a great time to stock up on random things, especially at Target.

Yesterday, when I dropped Tim off at Holland Hospital for his kidney stone surgery I headed over to the Holland Target.  (I had no desire to spend 3 hours in a waiting room with Tillie.  To my delight and surprise, the Christmas clearance was 75% off.

I had been to the Caledonia Target the day before and bought my Christmas wrapping paper for 2010 and it was only 50% off.  I had seen some cute Nick and Nora pajamas for Tillie, but they didn't have the size she would most likely wear next year.  Holland didn't seem to have any pajamas, but I did get some cute ribbon, chocolates and a bib.

I then stopped in the baby section, as I always do.  What do you know, all the holiday pajamas were there, marked full-price.  I thought this was odd, so I took a pair to the price scanner.
75% off!
Jackpot, I had my pick of sizes and styles, and no one else was around.
On these 6 pairs of pajamas(in various sizes), I spent $15.21(before tax).  Full price they would have been $60.96(+tax).  And, they're all Nick & Nora or Carter's brand.

Also, I got two dresses and leggings/tights from for 75% off too.

Oh how I love a good deal. (Tim likes it when I bargain shop too.)

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