Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Spring is... not around the corner.

Right around this time of year at J. Crew, we get the first of Spring in.  (In fact, inventory is tonight and the new collection hits next week.  Last year at this time I would be planning the Spring rollout.)

Now, to most people, it's just annoying.  You want another long-sleeved tee or cozy sweater to tide you over til Spring.  Um, I don't have that, but can in interest you in a mini skirt?

To me, it was a license to dress in spring clothes.  Actually, I was strongly encouraged to dress in spring clothes.  I don't really dress at the top of my game right now to begin with, but am I already sick of bulky sweaters.  I have noticed that I'm pulling brighter colors out of my closet.  (Okay, brighter colors of long-sleeved tees out of my laundry pile.)

This bright cotton cardigan just might find its way into my laundry pile.

Also, when you think about it, January is half-way over, February is the shortest month in the year, then it's March!  Hello Spring.  I've missed you.

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Hope said...

I ran across bikinis in Target yesterday, and thought I realize spring break wear appears before you can ever use it--it's still JANUARY! What a tease.